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Sullivan Farms 3 flavors of mustard are always made with 100% VEGAN ingredients. 

All three are Soy Free and instead of soybean oil used in so many of the top sweet and spicy mustard brands, we use Organic Coconut Oil to thicken and add a creamy texture to the mustard.

Our Original and Smoky flavored mustard are both made Gluten Free, while the other top brands use wheat flour to thicken theirs. Only Non GMO plant based thickeners are used in our mustard to endure even Celiacs are safe eating them. Our Amber Ale flavored mustard contains beer and while their is no wheat flour added the beer adds its own gluten to the mustard.

While other brands use white sugar and corn syrup as well as honey (not vegan), Sullivan Farms uses Organic Sugar to give it its sweetness.


Sullivan Farms Mustard is the most versatile mustard you will find! Used in meat and cheese plates and holiday gift baskets nationwide, it's proven to have more uses than any on the market. With it's high percentage of Apple Cider Vinegar, all three of our flavors make the best marinade for both                                               seafood and meat. We are featured on the meat and seafood counters of some of the top Gourmet Food Chains.

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