• Sweet and Spicy Mustard

    An original recipe and my Mom's favorite! Our Sweet and Spicy mustard is thick, creamy, and just the right balance for those who love sweet or savory flavour. Thick and creamy, the Original is a bold burst of flavor that marries with any meal.
  • Amber Ale Mustard

    Still Vegan, Soy Free and Dairy Free, our Brown Ale flavor is NOT Gluten Free!! In fact, every jar contains a generous amount of high quality Brown Ale. Smooth and a wonderful pop of beer flavor at first taste, and a little less Spicy than our Original and Smokey. Our Brown Ale still packs a great punch and yes, it goes great on Everything!
  • Smoke Mustard

    Our Smokey Mustard gives BBQ sauce a run for its money! With the Original Sweet & Spicy as its base, our Smokey flavor satisfies your sweet and spicy fix while giving that pop of Sweet Smoke. Use it as you would the Original, on Everything!